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Save Water and Money While Going Green

Every January I (Rob Cooper) attend the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association Convention held in Minneapolis. This year’s presentation by Doug Bennett, the conservation manager for the Southern Nevada Water Authority, stunned me.

First, Doug’s graphs revealed the stark increase in water prices in only a decade. Las Vegas now has five different graduated water prices ranging from $2.00/1000 gallons to $5.00/1000 gallons. The increase ranged from 200% to 500%. As water becomes more precious, many cities will increase their pricing to encourage conservation.

Secondly, based on a survey taken in Las Vegas, most people believe their showers consume the largest amount of water. For people in Las Vegas, sprinkler usage was 80%, whereas the shower only used 5% of the water. Research on water usage was done in 12 cities across the USA.  Here’s what they found: Without exception the largest household usage of water is the lawn sprinkler system!

These statistics, caused me to consider the following questions:

  1. Do our customers know their sprinkler system is the largest user of water in their household?
  2. Have we encouraged our customers enough to begin saving water now?
  3. Because sprinklers use the most water, how much money could our customers save with some of the new products available for irrigation systems?

I decided to check my own family’s water usage:

% water used by $cost for
Year sprinkler system water bill
2007 67% $725.00
2008 60% $525.00

I saved $200.00! – a 27% decrease in my water bill!
I had decreased our sprinkler water usage by 7%.
The two summers had similar weather patterns and, my lawn looked better than ever!

What had I done differently?
In 2007 I had a traditional time based controller run my system. I adjusted the controller three times that year; once for spring, once for summer and again for the fall. In 2008 I installed a smart controller that adjusts with the weather every day. This single change made the difference!

To learn more about Smart Controllers contact us now.

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