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Importance of As-built Blueprints

Many people when they receive bids inquire about what regular maintenance costs are incurred. Once they receive a satisfactory answer, they drop the question.  A better question is “How do we, as a contractor, keep maintenance costs down?”  One of these answers is As-builts.   When we are done with either an irrigation install or landscape lighting install we give the homeowner a 24″ x 36″ copy of the actual installation.  Often contractors give the homeowner what is really just the design or initial schematic of their lighting/irrigation system.   While better than nothing, it is worth insisting on receiving an actual as-built of your system.  Knowing exactly how everything is fed and run can save hundreds of dollars on the service visits.

Below is an example of a regular as-built. Below it is a color coded as-built used by homeowners and gardeners to easily change watering times for different parts of the lawn.

Sample As-Built

Sample As-Built


Sample Color Code

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  1. Joanne says:

    Thanks for the helpful information – I’ll make sure I get the real thing! I especially like the idea of the Color Coded asbuilt – helps people like me. “Asbuilts for Dummies!”

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