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Soldering Wire Connections in Landscape Lighting

Poor wire connections can causes major maintenance headaches for homeowners.  The problem is they usually occur after the warranty for the original work has run out. It is easy to cut corners in landscape lighting, poor design, low quality lamps, poor connections all do not cause major problems for several years after the system is installed. This is why some contractors do not spend extra time ensuring good connections.  In fact many contractors do not offer service plans or even service the lighting systems they install.   Homeowners should always inquire if a contractor will provide a service plan or services landscape lighting systems.  If the answers is no, this should be a cause for concern.  It is from our experience servicing other contractors’ work, that made us decide soldering wire connections provide the highest quality final product.

Splices in landscape lighting can be a serious maintenance hassle years after a system is installed. This is because wire connections in landscape lighting are very important.   Corroded connections can cause improper light temperature and decreased voltage to the fixtures and every time a splice is made you have the potential for a short and extra voltage loss.  Soldering together  wire splices and then inserting the connections in a waterproof grease cap, solves a lot of common service problems.  We believe a well designed lighting system deserves good connections.  Homeowners want a system that does not need constant maintenance and solid connection eliminates some future problems.  If the connections are strong and well waterproofed, the system will last much longer without the need for a major overhaul.  It can cost hundreds of dollars to redo corroded and frayed connections, so why not prevent future headaches?  Soldering together wire splices are worth the extra time and provide a better quality product.

If you have any questions about how we solder wire splices or want some more information please leave a comment below.

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