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Edina Utility Water Rates (2011)

Note:  Some cities use measurements such as units, cubic meters or cubic feet for some reason.  So, in addition to the city’s water pricing structure we have done the conversion to gallons for to give you a better frame of reference.

For ways to conserve water and lower your bill contact us and check out our previous blog post.

City of Edina Water Rates (2011)


*Morningside neighborhood is serviced Minneapolis  and follows their rates

0-3500 cubic feet (26180 gallons) $1.17 per 100 cubic feet (748 gallons)
3500-6500 cubic feet (48620 gallons) $1.55 per 100 cubic feet
Over 6500 cubic feet $2.43 per 100 cubic feet

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  1. Laura Lehmann says:

    We installed the Solar Synch device but still appear to be using a fair amount of water. Do we need more of those MP rotor hears? Also would like to irrigate perennials but worry drip tubing will get in the way if we need to do further digging (add more plants, etc.) Any ideas?

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