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How late in the season should I run my irrigation system?

It’s September and I want to keep watering as long as possible.  Maybe you have new sod or plantings, or it’s been dry (like that last 2 autumns 2011 & 2012).  What can I do about those nights the temperature dips below freezing?  Will it damage my irrigation system?

You are wise to be thinking about those freezing temperatures!  You want to avoid icy sidewalks and frozen pipes which can result in a hazard for pedestrians and costly repairs to your system.  There are a couple of things you should do in this situation.

  1. Don’t water on these nights to prevent dangerous icy sidewalks and driveway.  If you have a smart controller, the controller will not allow watering to take place when the temperature drops below freezing.  If you do not have a smart controller, simply shut the controller OFF to prevent watering.
  2. You will want to do is locate the plumbing, outside, where it enters the house.  These pipes and the back-flow preventer are at risk of cracking if the water inside them freezes.  Wrap the pipes and back-flow preventer with an old blanket or rug.  You will want to insulate these from the cold.

Taking these precautions will allow you to water beyond the normal watering season.

Remember to call Green Acres for an appointment to winterize your irrigation system.

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