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This has been a cold winter!! I heard on the news that this has been the coldest January in the last 30 years.  The average temperature was only 10.3 degrees.  I’m glad January is over.

In a rigorously cold winter like this, I start to get a little spring fever.  Yet we still have a lot of winter left.  I really do start to long for warmer days.

When I was a boy, my grandfather would pass the time by looking at his seed catalogs.  He would begin to dream of spring and plan for the coming year’s vegetable garden.  My grandfather’s garden was unusually large at about 5 acres.  In February, he would order the seed and in March it would arrive.  At some point he would begin to plant in his green house.  I remember it would be cold and wintery outside but on the inside the sun would steam in and the air would be moist and so very warm.  Looking across that green house you could see a sea of green sprouting plants, all testifying that spring was soon to arrive.

Like my grandfather, I think we too need a little encouragement.  To not lose heart, I love to look at summer pictures of grass, plants and flowers.  Seeing it is only February, I thought I would share with you some of these,  Isn’t it amazing what beauty can be realized with a little sun, warmth and water.  Boy, I miss summer, how about you?


Rob Cooper

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