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Winterization – Sprinkler System Blowout

Every year we hear a story of someone moving to Minnesota from somewhere warm, Texas, Flordia, California.  Usually the person moves into their residence in the summer or fall and doesn’t realize their sprinkler system needs to be blown out before the Winter hits.  Inevitably they discover should have been winterized only after the pipes freeze and break.

Some things to remember if you are new to Minnesota:

1.)  Late September/October is the best time to get your system blown out or winterized.  Once November hits the chances of the temperature dropping below 32 degrees is very high.

2.)  Once your system is blown out do not turn your system back on if it warms up.

3.)  Your sprinkler system needs to be in working order before winterization.  Broken or cut lines can allow water to get back into the system and potentially damage the system.

4.)  Schedule your winterization in September even if you don’t want it blown out until late fall.  Trucks fill up quickly and it is less likely you will be able to get someone to Winterize your system if you wait too long.

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2 Responses to “Winterization – Sprinkler System Blowout”

  1. Stacy Fraser says:

    Looking to winterize our sprinkler system October 26th. Do you do it that late and what would the cost be ?

  2. jfeigal says:

    Stacy, we still winterize systems in November. Winterization prices vary on the size of the systems. Give our office a call at 952-929-1232 to find out what your cost would be.

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