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Why should I have Green Acres start up my irrigation system?

People often ask me if they should start up their own sprinkler system or have Green Acres do it.  I always say it is good to have us look at their system at least once a year and that is not just because I own the company.

For years Green Acres serviced a commercial account that had several sites.  Their sites were all over the Twin Cities and always looked beautiful, healthy and green.  Then the manager we worked with retired and the new manager opted to have their maintenance people service their sprinkler systems.  Many of these sites are on my commute route to and from work.  Soon I observed dry spots in the lawns, then whole areas or zones became dry.  After a while it turned into many areas looking bad, and was universally the case with all the sites.  Over a number of years many of the property’s sprinkler systems had fallen into disrepair and had been abandoned.  The sites were now dry, desolate and unattractive.  Years later after much decay and damage to the landscapes and sprinkler systems we were asked to come back to do major rebuilding and replacement of these systems.

My point is that sprinkler systems need annual maintenance in order to keep them working well.  The Spring start up is a great time for this.  We have set up our start up procedure for this very goal.  We check through all the zones and heads and do any adjustments needed.  Our technician will look for any leaks before they become a nuisance or a major leak.  We want to make sure that your sprinkler system is working efficiently and watering all that it was designed to water.

My advice, let us do the spring start up.  A little maintenance goes a long way in keeping your sprinkler system running well and protecting your beautiful green landscape.

Rob Cooper, Owner


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