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High Water Bills

Have you received a higher than normal water bill this year? There may be a few reasons for this: Your city raised the water rates, check our blog for your local municipality’s 2012 water rates You may have a leak, it is easy to miss a small leak that is creating a soft spot in […]

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First Winter Freeze

Today is the first day all year that the temperature will not be above freezing. If you have not already had you sprinkler system winterized you need to do it immediately.  Our customers from warmer parts of the country, might not be aware of the need to winterize their sprinkler system.  The back flow device […]

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Lighting and LEDs – Part 2

In the past LEDs in Minnesota, did not work well, they were very expensive and did not melt snow. The prices have come down over the last two years and for a couple of specific uses are now a useful/viable option. Downlighting out of trees – A costly and time consuming activity is switching out […]

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Drip Irrigation – How to find out if your drip irrigation is working

Sometimes it is hard for homeowners to determine if their drip irrigation is working.  One common mistake is looking at the surface of the mulch or rock and panicking because there isn’t any sign of water. It is very easy to over water and drown plants, too much water can be just as deadly as […]

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We Can Water Your Flowers

Are you tired of hand watering your flower pots or window boxes? Do you have annuals around your deck, patio, pool, front step, or garage? Tired of coming home from the lake to find the flowers wilting or dead? Now your automatic sprinkler system can water your flowers for you.  Join many of our customers […]

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