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How Much Does it Cost to Run Landscape Lighting?

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

The answer will vary, and it may be necessary to look at an old electric bill to determine the electric companies’ rate.  Usually the cost of electricity is measured in kilowatt hours.  The average national rate is 11.53 cents per kilowatt hour.  The cost per hour can vary wildly, check out the department of energy here to find out how much your electricity costs.

To find out the monthly cost it will require a little math. First you need to calculate approximately how long it is running per month.  So the average person in the fall would run from dusk to midnight.  Here in Minnesota that is around 6 hours a day so, 6 hour  multiplied my 31 days equals 186 hours.  We then need to decide how big of transformer we are using, a 600 watt transformer could run roughly 10 – 20 lights and is a good size for an average residence.  We will then base our calculations on this size of transformer.

1000 watts = 1 kilowatt

We divide the 600 watts by 1000 to get .6 killowatt hours as our usage

.6 multiplied by 186 gives us 111.6 kilowatt hours for the month.

In Minnesota the average kilowatt hour is 11 cents so we multiply 111.6 by 11 and divide by 100

The cost to run an average sized system in Minnesota is then $12.28 a month.