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Sprinkler System Start Up Instructions

1. Detach flat valve handle from drain back valve. You will find the handle sealed to the drain back valve with a plastic tie wrap or a wire seal. This handle is usually yellow in color. Refer to picture below.

2. Attach the flat valve handle to the sprinkler system water supply valve so it is perpendicular to the water pipe.

3. CLOSE drain back (the drain back valve looks like an outside faucet) valve by turning it clockwise. This handle is usually round and blue in color. If you do not close the drain back valve before turning the sprinkler system water on, you will end up with water pouring out the drain back pipe.

4. Turn the flat handle one quarter turn so it is in line with the water pipe. You will hear the water begin to flow. Leave the handle on the valve after turning the water supply on.

5. Go to the control panel and switch it on. Run the zones manually if you want to check the system out for coverage.

6. Set the control panel for automatic watering or switch it off if you do not want to automatically water the lawn for any reason.

7. Return to the drain back to ensure it is tightly closed and there is no dripping. If you notice dripping and the valve is closed tightly, you may want to have your plumber look at the valve for repair.

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