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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start up my own system? Play video below.

FAQ About Service and Maintenance

Click here for Written Start-up Instructions.

First, check the controller to make sure that is working properly. Some clocks have a battery back up, so it may appear that the controller is on. If a controller is working on battery back up it will not activate the system. Plug a hair dryer or similar appliance to check the power to the outlet. Also, if it has rained recently, check the Rain Sensor override. A second thing to check is to make sure the water supply to the irrigation system has not been shut down at any point. Check the main shut off valve in the basement and at the back flow point there is usually a valve or two that can be closed and stop water flow to the irrigation lines. If everything checks out fine, call our office and schedule a service call.

First, check the clock program to make sure it hasn't been changed. Next turn the clock off using the dial (don't unplug the clock, it may loose its program). If the system won't shut off from the clock, you will need to shut the water supply to the whole system off. For some reason the valve will not shut down allowing constant water flow to the zone. Call our office and we can schedule a technician to make the repair.

Following are guidelines from the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association. However, you will want to verify any watering restrictions for your community. With so many cities going to odd/even restrictions, it may be necessary to set your controller to water on an every other day schedule.

When To Water: Watering is best for lawns in the pre dawn hours. Between midnight and 8am are usually calm; evaporation is low, and it is the time many cities with restrictions will allow you to water.

How Much Water Is Needed: In the Spring and Fall, set your rotor zones for 20-30 minutes and spray zones for 5-10 minutes. This is approximately half an inch per week. During the summer, set your rotor zones for 30 to 45 minutes and spray zones for 10 to 15 minutes. In periods of hot dry weather set your rotor zones for an hour and spray zones for 20 minutes. This will be approximately an inch and a half per week. When it rains, rely on your rain sensor or Smart Controller system. If you don't have either one, you'll need to manually shut your system off for a few days.

It may be that it has not rained enough to trigger the sensor. If this is not the case, check to make sure the receiver is not set on ‘bypass' and that the controller is not set on ‘rain bypass'. Check the receiver signal light - is it flashing green? This can be due to a temporary weak signal or the battery is low and needs to be replaced.

Yes we do! Prepaid Service Agreements can be purchased for your irrigation system prior to start-ups any given year. We offer a variety of plans options, Gold, Silver, Bronze, & Flex; choose one that fits you. To learn more about our plans click here, Prepaid Service Agreement Plans.

FAQ About New Installations

Without regular watering landscape and grass will not survive. Our sprinkler systems are a great tool to help you virtually effortlessly keep your landscape and grass healthy and looking lush. A Green Acres Sprinkler Company automatic irrigation system can:

  • Save Time and Energy - no more using your muscles and time to pull hoses around the yard. An automatic sprinkler is just that - automatic.
  • Save Money - Over or under watering can kill your landscape and grass. An automatic sprinkler system can save the expense of re-landscaping as a result of these mistakes.
  • Save Water - With an automatic sprinkler system the water usage is regulated to prevent over and under watering as well as reduce watering sidewalks, streets and neighbors yards.

You will want a professional irrigation contractor and designer. Go to The Irrigation Association Consumers Irrigation Handbook: How to hire a contractor, Understanding certification, When do I need a irrigation designer?; and "Smart Technology/ efficient irrigation. Take time to read this very important information.

You will find that Green Acres Sprinkler Company meets and exceeds these guidelines and criteria for a contractor.

Most of our systems come with a 2-year parts and labor warranty. Your estimator will explain this in detail for you.

Yes, but Green Acres Sprinkler Company will take care of pulling any necessary permits for you.

The only thing you need to do is allow us access into your basement for plumbing installation and access to the controller through out the installation and testing of the system. Green Acres Sprinkler Company is a full service irrigation company - we take you through the process start to finish. We contact the underground utilities to mark your property and we acquire all necessary permits and licenses for you. We can also work with your builder or landscaper to schedule and coordinate installation. It is a worry free process for you!

Green Acres Sprinkler Company proudly installs Hunter Industries product. Hunter is, in our opinion the best of the best and is the leading manufacturer of professional quality irrigation products.

A backflow preventer is a one-way valve that ensures water in the sprinkler lines do not back siphon into your house water. Minnesota State law requires that a certified plumber install a backflow device on every sprinkler system.

Typically no, however, simple adjustments to the timer may be necessary to increase or decrease the watering schedule depending on the weather and your landscaping. Your system is virtually maintenance free with proper seasonal servicing by professional irrigation technicians.

This depends on the size and complexity of the job, typically only one day for an average size home!

We install the trenchless way! We use special equipment to install your brand new sprinkler system with very little disruption to your property. We simply make a clean cut in the turf, while pulling pipe in directly following the cut and then tamp the cut turf back into place. The installers are careful to remove turf in one piece for digging the holes for valves and heads. The turf can easily be reinstalled around the valves and heads and tamped back into place. Within a very short time the turf will heal and you will not see any evidence to the turf having been disturbed.

YES! We specialize in installing lake pumps for systems drawing water from a lake. Well-derived water supplies do not present a problem either. Simply talk to your estimator about these water sources.

No! There are several options for watering your flowerbeds. Be sure to discuss these needs with your estimator.

No! We specialize in irrigating these specialty items. Be sure to discuss these needs with your estimator.

Green Acres Sprinkler Company has a full service, service department. Our service department schedules all appointments for spring start up, maintenance and repair, and fall winterization. In the spring and fall we notify you by mail to get spring and fall service scheduled. We also offer full service prepaid service agreement plans.

No, all Green Acres Sprinkler Company systems come with rain sensors! The sensor monitors the rainfall and will temporarily stop the automatic watering cycles when appropriate then allows it to reactivate when the rain sensor is dry.

Other FAQs

Still have questions? Please call our office at 952.929.1232 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about installing a new system for you.

We are specialized in

Green Roof Sprinkler Systems; drip irrigation for hanging pots and window boxes; drip irrigation for large flower pots and urns; and systems requiring a pump for drawing water from a lake.

We proudly serve the following communities in the Twin Cities:

Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, Eden Prairie, Edina, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Plymouth, and Wayzata; as well as Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey and Scott counties.